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xxx, There is also the danger, noted by other commentators, that the enemy may throw poison on the water to be carried down to us.

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Margaret Nelson Jun 26
When and how did you first become aware of trans terminology (gender, gender dysphoria, transitioning, etc.) and identity with it? Could there be another reason for your state of mind?
Gill Smith
I am a detransitioned woman, medically transitioned for a few yrs, then stopped, had bad dysphoria as a teenager, grew up a 'tomboy' maybe would be a trans kid now. I am also a lesbian I think a lot of this will affect teenage lesbians-I am also ready and able to speak about this twitter.com/ThomasPageMcBe…
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xxx, There is also the danger, noted by other commentators, that the enemy may throw poison on the water to be carried down to us.

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